Month: November 2022

Once you have finished adding stocks go to MY SAMPLES and enter your details and we will send you samples and/or mock-ups of your requested stock choices. Please read this message before you proceed onto this website, the Premier Paper Group is a distributor to the UK market only and subsequently do not export any […]

For each task the client will receive a detailed concept of operations document and a pre-travel briefing, providing a clear overview of the operation, a summary of security risks and instructions to the traveller. All operations are monitored 24/7 by the EOS SOC and regular updates will be provided to the traveller’s line manager, security […]

You will be with the right person if you are not already. My twin flame passed last month, and I have been utterly lost without him. If you’re not in a healthy relationship the way he and I were, it’s a different scenario. Though if you are in a healthy relationship, keep working on yourself, […]

I’m finally hands free when reading to the little ones. It used to be so difficult to hold a large picture story in one hand, a child under the other arm, and propping a small flashlight on my chest – only to have the light constantly shifting around. I was extremely happy to learn that […]