Book Light for Reading in Bed

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Book Light for Reading in Bed

I’m finally hands free when reading to the little ones. It used to be so difficult to hold a large picture story in one hand, a child under the other arm, and propping a small flashlight on my chest – only to have the light constantly shifting around. I was extremely happy to learn that I can lay down in bed and use this, without any discomfort behind the neck.

In this guide, we chose both book lights and reading lights. The names are used interchangeably, for a device that’s meant to illuminate a small area so that you can get a better, closer look. While a book light tends to be a type of light specifically used for reading a book or novel, a reading light can be used for not only reading but also writing, sketching, working on a computer, or crafting.

Versatile and small reading lights are a must-have during self-care nights curled up with a book on a sofa or during long trips. Trendy versatile book night lights such as the neck reading lights, which are also called hug lights, are wearable lights that can be used when reading or doing any work that requires added visibility and the use of both hands. The bookmark light is foldable and it clips on pages to make them glow. The clip-on reading lights have a flexible neck equipped with a clip to clip the light wherever needed. For more details check this link right here now

While any of these book lights are great options, it ultimately comes down to how bright of a light you want, what size you prefer, and what price you’re willing to spend. Their NuFlex is more than three times as bright as the Recharge and the lights spread out horizontally so you get better light coverage on your page. The clamp is a little bit bulky, which I don’t love, especially if you’re reading a paperback. Mode of gentle amber light, 99.95% free of blue light, encourage the production of melatonin in the evening, which not only reduce eye strainbut also beneficial to improve our sleep quality. The neck piece, slim and supple, doesn’t dig into the back of my neck; most of the time I forget it’s there. And it’s rechargeable via a USB charger—which I prefer, as the custom chargers of booklights past have been swiftly absorbed in the domestic maelstrom of my house, never to be seen again.

Most were way too bright, prompting my ultra-alert husband to complain, forcing me to switch off the light and fume in the darkness. Clip-on lights tended to sag, particularly on paperbacks, or rip the pages; bulky clamp versions often fell off. Some lights had a beam so weak that it left the bottom half of the book dark, so that I had to constantly reposition the light. Others weren’t rechargeable, requiring futzing with lithium batteries. We want our book lights to bring you not only light but glory. Thus we focus on every detail of our products and we wish you enjoy your reading moments.

She now has both hands free which is a lot more comfortable for her. Many models come with a clip you slide onto your book. From there, you use the bendable arm to pool the light over the reading surface at an angle that works for you. Book lights are handy for shining a soft light on your pages in the dark, especially if you like to read in bed but don’t want to disturb your sleeping partner by keeping a room lamp on for hours.

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