How to Read Tarot Card Spreads – A Guide to the Most Popular Tarot Decks

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How to Read Tarot Card Spreads – A Guide to the Most Popular Tarot Decks

A tarot card deck consists of sixty-eight cards, including one king and forty-eight angels, and is used for psychic readings, divination and also for entertainment purposes. The tarot card deck was first created in Italy around the 1400s. In Tarot Card Decks and Their Meanings, Christopher Alexander relates the history of the tarot deck and explains its uses. The book describes many uses for the tarot and shows different interpretations for each card. Click here for more information about washingtonian

The tarot deck was created by the occult scholar and priestess, Father Hildegard of Bingen, who created the English translation of the German work, Kirche Erwache, or “The Book of Thoth”. Father Hildegard named it after his own patron saint, St. Hildegard, who was burned alive at the stake for practicing Witchcraft in the 14th Century. After her death, Hildegard was raised as a Catholic and became known as St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers. Hildegard’s contemporary, Bl. Innocent II, suppressed the practice of Witchcraft and put a stop to the popularity of the tarot cards in Germany, because of the patronage of the Pope. However, in other countries, such as Spain, Portugal and Ireland, the tarot decks were used throughout the Middle Ages, as they were used for psychic readings, spiritual guidance and as a way to win money.

The deck was further refined during the Renaissance, when the alchemists, chemists and technicians worked to create new chemical compounds. When these new chemicals were ready, they were easier to create and therefore more popular with the masses. The fifteenth century saw the development of a science of mapping and translating, which made it easier for the alchemists to create new, more exotic substances that had never before been imagined. The tarot card deck was thus further transformed, becoming more accurate and vivid means to convey messages and ideas.

During the nineteenth century, another important figure in the tarot card world, George Fox, also played an important role in popularizing the use of the tarot card deck. According to Fox, it was the reader, rather than the magician, who could provide supernatural guidance, especially in the case of problems with love and marriage. So while the mediums and the conjurers saw people turning to them for advice on such issues, it was the tarot card reader who they turned to for help. The Golden Dawn was born.

Today, you will find many tarot reading books, websites, articles, courses and websites devoted to the subject. They give detailed information about every scenario and answer almost all questions that may cross your mind. It is worth emphasizing however that one must be very careful about who he or she chooses to conduct a tarot card reading. Doing your homework can go a long way. In this regard, it would be worthwhile to do a review of the major arcana tarot decks and pick up pointers from each one, including the Golden Dawn.

The Golden Dawn tarot deck is by far the most popular, well known and the most widely used. It is said to be the most accurate and the most useful of all the tarot decks. The reader with expertise in the field can read various secrets and see what situations each one relates to, which he or she can then apply in his or her life. The reader has to use a special kind of divination technique to perform this task. The reader will have to put aside normal, everyday things like jobs and families and spend time just looking through the tarot books and newspapers for relevant information. This is because the reader has to look for something called the “word of God” in each one of these books and newspapers in order to properly interpret the meanings that he or she finds there.

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