The Best Executive Protection Tools Executive Protection Magazine

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The Best Executive Protection Tools Executive Protection Magazine

For each task the client will receive a detailed concept of operations document and a pre-travel briefing, providing a clear overview of the operation, a summary of security risks and instructions to the traveller. All operations are monitored 24/7 by the EOS SOC and regular updates will be provided to the traveller’s line manager, security department or a suitable alternative. Our intelligence department will actively monitor changes to the threat dynamic in the area of operations, and update our in-country teams with timely information when necessary. The very nature of a being a security guard means that they are often required to work on their own, and sometimes late at night when there may be an increased chance of threat.

Head protection is an integral component to ensure workplace safety. Head protection is required by different individuals such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, welders, and linemen, among others. Wearing a safety helmet or hard hat is the easiest way to protect an employee from head injuries. Protective helmets or hard hats are used to resist penetration by objects and absorb the shocks of blows. Hard hats or industrial safety helmets are used to protect against swinging objects and materials falling from heights. They also offer protection while working near exposed electrical conductors by reducing electrical shocks.

The same applies when a senior executive travels abroad openly such as to a conference is well known to the public. In this case, however, protection tends to be made with a greater number of EPPs. The recording equipment would be useful in a postincident investigation or as a procedure for identifying activists or trouble in the incipient stage. Before we get started, I think it is important to define the basic roles and responsibilities of an EP Agent. An EP Agent is a highly trained individual who’s responsibility is to protect a specific individual, group of individuals or their assets.

Underdeveloped countries, or the underdeveloped parts of recently industrializing countries, security technology generally exists in rudimentary form, such as barred windows, locks, and elementary personnel security measures. In many such regions, however, facilities of large international corporations and sensitive government installations employ sophisticated security team equipment and techniques. The first step in hiring an Executive Protection Firm is a Risk Assessment. This assessment process gauges the Threat/Vulnerability/Risk issues, factoring in such priorities as the type of industry that the principal is in, the notoriety, and the opposition groups/people they may encounter. This is a time-intensive and in-depth process that should be managed by a professional with experience in VIP risk assessment. Very often, an outside consultation firm like ESS Global Corp, is the best option for managing this process.In some high-profile risk situations, ballistic vests may be more appropriate for those looking to convey a high level of vigilance and protection against every eventuality. Since all of these provide an opportunity to spy on a company executive and gain knowledge of sensitive information it is important that counterespionage be incorporated into executive protection programs. Combat gears | Certificate or license to use combat gears In the security services, security guards or bodyguards are the ones who ensure people’s security. Bad incidents can happen anytime and anywhere and threaten the safety of the clients. We provide these services across the World, supported by the EOS Global Provider Network of accredited and fully trained security professionals.

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